my favourite video games


Harvest Moon, ssx3, kingdom hearts 2 ♥, DRAGON QUEST 8 ♥, ffx-2, & ddr


n64: harvest moon, pokemon stadium, pokemon snap

gamecube: super mario sunshine, animal crossing ♥, LoZ twilight princess, LoZ wind waker


gameboy color: pokemon red&blue, pokemon gold&silver

gba: pokemon ruby, dr. mario, pokemon fire red, some kirby game that i don't remember, harvest moon: friends of mineral town ♥, harvest moon: more friends of mineral town ♥


ds: nintendogs, pokemon diamond&pearl, pokemon hgss, pokemon bw/bw2 ♥

3ds: pokemon xy, pokemon sun&moon, animal crossing: new leaf ♥


i don't play games on pc anymore because i'm on a linux-ized chromebook now, but here's some i've played in the past:

stardew valley ♥, tes 3: morrowind, tes 4: oblivion ♥, tes 5: skyrim, hackernet, starbound, guild wars, guild wars 2, WoW

current games

- ark
- tes 4: oblivion
- stardew valley