i am more than just a workhorse for the system of capitalism

i am allowed to rest and enjoy myself

i am allowed to mitigate my pain

i can just beand i can be me i am strong, and talented, and skilled

but i do not have to be at full force, high alert all the time

i can go with the flow, ride the current life gives me

i am protected and i am safe

i am okay, i am thriving

Meloran / genderfluid transmasc / canada
pronouns: he/they
sign: Libra
hobbies: art, web wizardry, crochet, video games, woodworking & carpentry. I plan to learn C and Python at some point!

fun facts

My pinky fingers are ridiculously short and stumpy, to the point where I usually have to rely on my other fingers more heavily.
I won a spelling bee and went to the regional spelling bee in grade 5. This was the high point of my life.
I have a dimple on my right cheek!
I have a stamp collection!


shows: Steven Universe, She-Ra, Dr Who (classic), Good Omens, Golden Girls. I'm not really much of a tv person!
games: FFXIV, My Time at Portia, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Pokemon (gen 1-6)
movies: The Devils (1971), Howl's Moving Castle, Living Dead Girl
musicians: Queen, David Bowie, Boney M, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Emilie Autumn, Iron & Wine, Bright Eyes, Madonna, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac music taste is all over the place, rofl